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Make your child's party different with an arts and craft workshop.  Using lots of different craft materials, such as glitter, sequins, ribbons, feathers, paints, foam, and lots of colour, children can choose a craft item to create and take home.  It saves you getting going home presents – they make their own!


Arts and crafts workshops are also great for something a bit different to entertain children at a fun day, open day, wedding, bar mitzvah, christening party, etc.  


Give me a theme for the party and I'll come up with a range of ideas for you to choose from. Parties last from 1-2 hours depending on the theme chosen and the number of craft activities you want to include.  It also depends on whether you want party food to be consumed during the creative fun time or when the children have finished creating.


Not only will the children have fun, but they will learn new skills, which they can use at school or at home.  Here are a few suggestions to inspire you:


Click here for a map of the coverage area.

Beaded necklaces

Bracelets or key rings

Decorated glasses

Decorated plates

Door hangers

Gift boxes



Model making


Painted glass candle holders

Personalised notebooks

Picture frames

Plant pots





  Included in the price:


1 main craft project

A craft person to run the session

A goodie bag to be decorated during the party  

All arts and crafts materials, protective covers & aprons etc.

All craft mess cleared away at the end of the party


Prices from

£8  per child


minimum of 10 children

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