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An 80th birthday cake for a keen lady gardener. It was great fun making all the flowers and vegetables.  The ponds and the lawn mower are my favourites, athough the shed is fun too.

A painting of his own boat was well received by this nautical gentleman.

The cake was vanilla sponge with butter cream filling, and measured 10"x 8".

A fun cake for a fun person, who loves armadillos, plays the guitar and was leaving the UK to return to America (hence the pun on the title of the book, referring to Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson).

A birthday bouquet of cup cakes! The cupcakes were of three different flavours of cake and filling - lemon, orange and grapefruit.

A little birthday present of carrot cake.  This is not an expensive cake, and can be personalised with message, colours and style.  The cake measures 6" x 6".

Another simple cake, for a three year old boy who loves rabbits.

A 50th birthday cake for an artist - a 3D cake version of one of her own paintings! The cake measured 16"x16", was chocolate cake with chocoalte fudge filling, and covered in coloured white chocolate.

A simple Happy Birthday cake, complete with the sheet music for the tune of "Happy Birthday".  The cake was vanilla, with a butter cream filling and fondant icing. It measured 10"x 8".

Fabulous train cake for a Bar Mitzvah boy who loves trains, complete with tunnel and scenery. Completely edible except for the Hornby train and rails!

Peppa Pig's picnic party - a gorgeous cake for a 3 year old Peppa fan. The entire cake is edible, including the crockery, cutley, rug, pigs and tea cups. Vanilla sponge with butter cream icing, measuring 10"x 8".

A wedding cake for two actors who met whilst playing Robin Hood & Maid Marian, depicted on the cake in the midst of the forest, complete with bow and arrows. Size 16"x16", vanilla sponge.

Retirement cake for a taxi driver and a childminder who loves baking - hence the children hiding in the background with the taxi, whilst they enjoy some well earned relaxation. Lemon sponge with lemon curd filling.

A 12" diameter chocolate cake, made exactly to the customer's own design.

A Milky Way cake for a chocolate fan.  A chocolate cake filled with milky way filling, about 16"x 8".

A box of chocolates for a special fifteen-year-old chocoholic.  Vanilla and chocolate sponge with chocolate ganache, white chocolate ganache, chocolate butter cream, covered in fondant icing.

A pretty good replica of Coventry Speedway Stadium, for an ardent fan's birthday.

12"x 8" vanilla sponge with lemon butter cream filling.

A simple Christmas cake with holly and berries made from fondant. !0" diameter fruit cake.

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A rabbinic induction cake for a rabbi. A pile of three books - Talmud, Torah & a siddur, with a tallit that turns into a stream (his name means stream) and four swans to represent him & his family.

Pizza Oven cake based on a real oven in the couple's garden, complete with some of their favourites things - bottles of prosecco, lemons, olives, tomatoes.


There is a pizza inside the oven and one on the table.


Photos of the couple are pasted on the oven - everything is edible, even the chimney!

Flower garden birthday cake for a 60th birthday cake.


Roses and other flowers sitting on a bed of grass.


Vanilla sponge with jam and butter cream filling, fondant flowers and vanilla butter cream grass.


12" diameter cake.


Close-up of flowers.

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Cakes by Debi are delicious, creative and bespoke.  Every cake is designed to reflect the personality of the recipient.  I don’t just make delicious, beautiful cakes, I make scrumptious, AMAZING cakes!  I can make your cake to any design you want.  I have made champagne bottles, Thomas the Tank Engines, a speedway stadium,  flowers, rabbits, tubes of paint, guitars, an armadillo, Wallace and Gromit, Peppa Pig and many more.


Get in touch to discuss what you’d like, what flavour cake and how many people will be eating it.  I can cater for all dietary requirements, so don’t worry if you can’t eat gluten or you hate icing.  Prices start from £60, for a very basic cake (eg. the Christmas Cake, Pressie or Rabbits), and depends on size and complexity.  We can talk about what will suit you regarding design taste and price.  Click on a photo to enlarge it and be inspired.

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